Our passion is to optimize and help homeowners and business owners thrive!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our highly effective sales team and support staff ensure that your business and homes infrastructure will always be up to par. We supply, install, and maintain all office equipment as well as backup and solar solutions.

We provide electrical services, we offer COC’s and we are PV Green Card approved. 

We are priced very competitively concerning VoIP services.

Our highly effective team of business specialists and service providers work with the best practices and state-of-the-art solutions.

As a technology business, it would be irresponsible for any business to claim technology works 100% all of the time. It is how we respond when technology has ‘its moments’ that counts.

We value personal contact and building relationships with our customers. Dealing with SamWest will not mean you go through big call centres talking to machines. We operate a small, personal call centre where contact is direct person-to-person and on a first name basis!

SamWest operates a Control Centre, from where we monitor all our customers across the country remotely. All networks are also monitored remotely from here. The control centre monitors the service status of each of our customers via the Internet, often allowing us to detect problems before the customer does. The performance and uptimes across our networks are monitored in real time ensuring voice and data quality is maintained.

For problems that cannot be resolved remotely, a service and maintenance team is on standby 24/7.

As part of our service, we guarantee installation, response and repair time with our customers.

One Provider, One Bill

As an end-to-end communications provider, our customers only deal with one provider. Typically, a customer will have multiple relationships for different elements of their communications solution such as the PBX vendor, their Internet Service Provider, their fixed line provider (Telkom) and often their Least Cost Router providers (usually premi-cells) as well.

SamWest reduces this multi-supplier arrangement to just ONE provider. With ONE provider your business only 

needs to deal with:

  • One account manager relationship
  • One customer service contact
  • One Bill
  • Simplifying your business at lower costs.

Our team consists of 20 enthusiastic and well-trained staff including Solution Designers, Communication Consultants, Service and Repair Centre representatives, Senior Technicians, Project Managers and Network specialists to meet all your sales and technical requirements. We allocate an account manager to each of our business customers who are always available to serve as a first point of contact.  In addition to our local team, we have partnered with certified national and international companies to ensure that we are able to deliver products and services wherever they may be required.

Progress in science is driven by individual curiosity. We humour and encourage curiosity in children. At the present time we are witnessing one of the great transformations of human society – an age of information and communications.  It is the engineering of crystalline and solid-state matter that creates this new world of connectedness and knowledge.

We are fortunate to participate in this great world development, share the excitement of discovery, help to build new industries and provide a new social utility.

SamWest’s core of our business is service, and through this service we have been able to connect clients to solutions for the past 20 years. Samwest has a drive to connect clients to solutions that are relevant and up to date. SamWest wants to bridge the gap between being just a service provider by also being a business partner. SamWest wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with their clients when it comes to making the difficult decisions in the ever-changing ICT environment and technologies.

SamWest keeps the best interest of our clients at heart. That’s how we keep you relevant.